Öland: Segerstads fyr

Last summer me and my best friend went on a road trip to visit all the lighthouses of Öland.
Our first stop was Segerstads fyr. 
Christian, the ornithologist who lived in the lighthouse keepers residence, 
hosted us during our stay. 
We had heard about him before the visit, that he was a real charmer with the women. Which he was. 
But in a good way.
Showed us the lighthouse, offered us 3 different kinds of fine expensive white wine.
Told us about the hot spots of the island and the birds. 

At night I lay in my bed, watching the lighthouse through the window. 

Kullaberg för två

I visited 7 lighthouses last year. Some of the films got lost. Maybe i will find them. 
Other i developed just now.
This is the first trip, early spring last year. 

Tistlarna I

Lighthouse keeper on the island when the light shut down in 1967. She told a lot of stories about the island and what it was like to live there. 

Tistlarna II


last photo from color film